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A place for those with needs/concerns for which they would seek classmates prayers.
8 thanks
09/01/13 05:40 AM by Elwanda Miller McCabe
To Make Class Aware of Good Things Happening to/with us.
1 Yvonne Stephens Tumminello's son engaged.
07/24/11 08:39 AM by Wm "Bill" Richmond Holly
4 RE: Jukebox Favorites
03/22/12 09:37 AM by Karen Welch Dodd
In Memory of Those Who Paid the Ultimate Price for Our Country
2 Natchitoches Area Men Who Died in Vietnam
05/24/12 10:08 AM by Wm "Bill" Richmond Holly
Remembering those who have died
1 RE: Remembering Yvonne Tumminello
01/23/13 08:58 PM by Elwanda Miller McCabe
It's all in the title!
4 RE: Flower Beds or Critters
07/28/11 02:16 PM by Wm "Bill" Richmond Holly
Classmate Obituaries and others of possible interest
68 Curtis Guillet Obituary
01/24/14 10:28 AM by Wm "Bill" Richmond Holly
Scenic places like national parks, waterfalls, historic locations, our beautiful country
66 Lake City, CO 4 Wheeling, Ghost Towns, etc
10/04/18 09:15 PM by William Henry Hyams, Ph.D.
"Touristy" Type Places Non Historic Non Natural Places
1 RE: A Visit to Granbury, Texas
09/01/12 11:42 PM by Wm "Bill" Richmond Holly
Remembrances of/about our teachers, their influence on us
8 RE: Coach Trent Melder
03/27/10 12:07 PM by Wm "Bill" Richmond Holly
1 RE: Lightning Story
12/31/10 10:36 PM by Wm "Bill" Richmond Holly