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A Visit to Granbury, Texas

Created on: 08/26/10 09:00 PM Views: 1605 Replies: 1
A Visit to Granbury, Texas
Posted Thursday, August 26, 2010 04:00 PM

Jack and I attended a wedding in Granbury, Texas this summer. We had previously visited our friends there, but really hadn’t had the opportunity to explore the area on our own. If you like quaint little places, Granbury is for you!

Granbury boasts that it has the best town square in the state. More than 40 shops and galleries in the charming downtown Victorian district offer everything from pottery and antiques to unique clothing, gifts and keepsakes. There is even a live Broadway-style family musical in the 1886 Granbury Opera Hall. The day we were there school teachers were being given free admission. The shops surround the Hood County Courthouse, which was restored in 1969.

Visiting Granbury is a journey back in time. There are legends of John St. Helen and Frank Dalton camping on the banks of the Brazos River. Local sites and tales center around John Wilkes Booth, Jesse James, Davy Crockett and the hanging tower at the 1885 Old Jailhouse. They say that Carrie Nation made an appearance in Granbury in 1905. Many of the historical places are marked by historical markers.

Granbury is set on Lake Granbury, which has a 103-mile shore line. Locals and visitors enjoy fishing, boating and other lake activities. The lake sports a sandy beach with Tiki huts. It also serves as a backdrop for the golf course, Harbor Lakes Golf Club. In the area, there are campsites and ranches and plenty of accommodations for tourists. It was peach season when we were in Granbury and we found the most delicious peaches at Fall Creek Farm.

Granbury is 35 miles southwest of Ft. Worth.

RE: A Visit to Granbury, Texas
Posted Saturday, September 1, 2012 11:42 PM

Polly & I were just down there last weekend visiting friends out at Pecan Plantation.  Both of their theaters (Opera House) are closed for remodeling.  If visiting there, go and walk though the "Wagon Yard" store at one corner of the town square.  It's not far from Glen Rose, TX where you can view dinosaur tracks in the bottom of the Paluxy River.  Having lived in Texas from 1970 to 1990 we still love that Texas area where you can see sunrises and sunsets, can get out where the only sound is the wind or you might hear the flapping of a buzzard's wing on high.  :)  Texas gets in your blood!