Natchitoches Area Men Who Died in Vietnam
Posted Thursday, May 24, 2012 10:08 AM


As we come again to Memorial Day, a day set aside to remember and honor those who have given their lives in the service of the Armed Forces of the United States, it’s important to know and remember how close to home these honored were.  Vietnam was “our war”, 1957 – 1975.  All those listed below are from Natchitoches and died in Vietnam, some “killed in action” and some died from “non-hostile causes”.   Those listed below were from Natchitoches with the exception of the two who were from Robeline and Natchez.    Two were our schoolmates, Marine Lance Corporal Carson Haire, NHS
Class of 1961
, and Army Staff Sergeant Carroll Rodgers, NHS Class of 1958.

Private First Class Freddie James Benjamin, U.S. Army, born Feb 4, 1947, killed in action Nov 19, 1967

Specialist 4 David Roy Hayward, U.S. Army, born Mar 1, 1950, started Vietnam tour  Sep 12, 1970, killed in action Mar 22, 1971

Lance Corporal James Edward Metoyer, U.S. Marine Corps, born Sep 19, 1946, killed in action Aug 31, 1966

Staff Sergeant Carroll Lee Rodgers, U.S. Army,  born Jan 4, 1941,  killed in action 28 Nov 1966, Panel 12E Line 127 on Vietnam Wall

Corporal Tommy Lloyd Wyatt, U.S. Marine Corps, born July 11, 1947, killed in action Feb 22, 1969, Panel 32W Line 086 on Vietnam Wall (Step brother of our classmates, Marvin & Lynn Lester)

Private First Class Charles Doty, U.S. Army, born Sep 25, 1946, killed in action Nov 8, 1967, Panel 29E, Line 048 on Vietnam Wall

Private First Class William Anthony Gunter, Jr., U.S. Army, born Oct 29, 1946,  killed in action Sep 2, 1967, Panel 25E Line 083 on Vietnam Wall (from Natchez, LA)

Captain Earl Edwin Jackson, U.S. Air Force, born 28 Jan 1930, killed in action 27 Jan 1965, body not recovered, Panel 02E, Line 021 on Vietnam Wall

Private First Class Abell Moses, U.S. Army, born Feb 17, 1945, killed in action Oct 5, 1965, Panel 02E Line 128 on Vietnam Wall

Corporal Clarence Edgar Waters, U.S. Army, born Jan 19, 1947, died Sep 12, 1967, Panel 26E Line 064 on Vietnam Wall

Lance Corporal Carson Earl Haire, U.S. Marine Corps, born Apr 4, 1942, died Jan 12, 1966, Panel 04E Line 066 on Vietnam Wall

Platoon Sergeant Otis Lewis, U.S. Army, born Aug 21, 1928, killed in action Feb 10, 1967, Panel 15E Line 014 on Vietnam Wall

Specialist 5 Robert Glen Potter, U.S. Army, born Sep 18, 1947, died Jan 13, 1970, Panel 14W Line 031 on Vietnam Wall

Sergeant Sammy Lane Weaver, U.S. Army, born Oct 19, 1949, died Mar 19, 1972, Panel 02W Line 117 on Vietnam Wall

Specialist 4 Thurman William Wolfe, U.S. Army, born Jul 5, 1949, killed in action Apr 15, 1970, Panel 11W Line 011 on Vietnam Wall (From Robeline, LA