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Black Canyon of the Gunnison - 2009

Created on: 07/14/10 12:48 AM Views: 1449 Replies: 2
Black Canyon of the Gunnison - 2009
Posted Tuesday, July 13, 2010 07:48 PM

We stayed in Montrose to access this park. This is another recently dedicated national park that until 1999 was a national monument.  The lack of facilities is evident.  We drove the South Rim trail stopping at almost every trail to the canyon rim.  There were lots of wildlife and neat views.  At the end of the rim trail we went on a longer trail called the Warner Point Trail whose trailhead is at High Point.  It was a good one to take although much longer than the other trails we had taken.  We picnicked near the trailhead when we returned.  There were many Pinyon jays that were cleaning up where visitors had eaten.  One can see this park in a day unless you want to go over to the North Rim or want to camp somewhere in the park.  Two days max for this park.

I should mention that if one leaves Montrose going east on HWY50 to the park, then a left turn at HWY 347 will do it.  At that turn, on the right side of the road is a "trading post" (can't remember the name)/ general store that is a must stop - do not let the bikers scare you off.  Allow up to an hour to look at rocks, pottery, guns, knives, souvenirs, maps, shirts, etc.   It is a mom and pop operation where the pop was really neat to talk to.  Every one in the store was super to us. Marilyn says that store had the best selection she has ever seen for such stuff.  We chose to go to the park first, buy what we wanted there, then stop at the general store as we headed out to 'finish' the job of buying souvenirs.  She found an egg separator she wanted for our son.


RE: Black Canyon of the Gunnison - 2009
Posted Tuesday, July 13, 2010 07:49 PM

In the Warner Pt picture look very closely to see the Gunnison River.

The Painted Wall is a well-known attraction in this park.

RE: Black Canyon of the Gunnison - 2009
Posted Sunday, September 28, 2014 07:35 PM

September 2014 - Polly and I almost bypassed the turn off to the South Rim of this park but turned around and went to it.  It is now possible, just inside the entrance, to make a right turn and drive down a steep grade to the river.  About half way down is a large parking area where you can stop and let your brakes cool or picnic or just take a look at the road ahead.  By the way, pulling an RV down/up this road would not be wise.  There are picnic tables at the bottom.  Any vehicle can navigate this paved road but it was sure nice in a 3/4 ton PU with diesel engine and engine brake to just put it in 1st gear with the engine brake on and never touch the brakes going down.

The overlooks at the top are breath taking as Bill described and are reminescent of the Grand Canyon.