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09/09/11 03:40 PM #285    

Freddie DeBlieux

May I tag onto Elaine's message????  Well, I am tagging whether it works or not.......There is always a problem with my computer.  We have decided the work computer is haunted and the home computer needs to be sent back....I don't have time for computers, anyway.....This Old State Capitol takes about all I have left and when I get home there is always what I haven't gotten around to.  I used to be able to keep up with things, but not any more.  And, time surely flies when you're having fun...or not.....If anyone gets down this way, the OSC number is 342-0500 and I am here.  I would love to see anyone and anyone would love the OSC...We are fabulous.  Hopefully good health will falll upon us, especially mental health.  If we can keep all our faculties about us perhaps we can outsmart the feelbads......Dragging myself to physical therapy, when they catch me, is a real pain, but I pride myself on walking in.  I could be rolling in, upright or downright.  And, I am not ready for any wooden appendages, so I go and pretend I'm a health-nut.  Not! Just a nut*** is time to go, and it is Friday, and I am not working a wedding, or other gala occasion.  Go before they catch me...Love to all, Freddie.....

09/22/11 08:38 PM #286    


Wm "Bill" Richmond Holly



Polly & I will just have to take you up on that offer to see the OSC before you retire.  :)

We might have to go back on the road in a big rig and give you a ride across an old, narrow bridge.  Polly hated that, those railings just don't look solid and high enough when you are looking down from a truck instead of out and maybe up as in a car.

We had a great visit with Don Beasley today while he was enroute to Natchitoches for a gathering of "old" :) NHS athletes.

09/28/11 09:59 AM #287    


Wm "Bill" Richmond Holly

That, my friend, is tremendous!  Don't do as I did tho, hit something hard and thought it was just hard pan clay so I put a little more "fuerza" into it for a couple more hits, then came the hissing and the rotten egg smell.   Yep, I had broken a neighbor's natural gas line that he had laid himself and only put it about a foot deep.  Sometimes living "country", folks don't follow safety rules, I think gas is supposed to be buried a "tad" deeper.  :)   I just shoved all the dirt back into the hole and called the gas company.   Oh well, it worked out, didn't have another TGT incident.

I think I might get an auger for the tractor tho.  Marvin & Lynn Lester & Karen Welch's husband, James Dodd have restored my dad's old tractor, really have done a great job on it.  Polly calls it a "magic" tractor because I tell her I can get all the "honey do's" done with that tractor.  )

Hope all is well up there.  I just sent Bill Hyams a Happy Birthday message and saw his travel photos, sure makes us want to take off but different things keep interfering.  I need to recoat and seal the roof of our travel trailer before taking it on the road again.  Next year is our 50th and we plan to retrace our honeymoon from Natchitoches to Camp LeJeune, NC so it'll be ready by then.

Don Beasley stopped by a couple of days ago enroute to Natchitoches for a get together by old NHS athletes.  Had a nice visit with him, still the same Don, easy going and friend with all.

Gotta run!

09/28/11 10:08 AM #288    


Wm "Bill" Richmond Holly

Just renewed our class website for another year.  If anyone has suggestions as to what will make it more interesting, better, let me know and I'll try to make it work.  But, no games, please, Facebook can have those.  :)  Many of you are more creative than I am, hmmmm, might even have to make someone with better computer skills a co-administrator.  Just think it's a good idea to keep it going for our future reunions, about every five years maybe?  Be sure to update any address, contact changes, info that would be of interest to classmates, etc.

I'm still wanting to locate those two dozen or so that are missing.  No doubt a few of them may be deceased but would like to gather in those still kicking.

09/30/11 11:11 AM #289    


Anna Swafford (Bernard)

Billy, thank you for posting the obit for Nonie's mom.  Mrs. Stroud was a lovely lady.

Thank you, too, for renewing the web site!   Do we need to take up contributions to cover the cost?   I'll be happy to help with it.  Let us know what you need.


10/01/11 01:21 AM #290    


Wm "Bill" Richmond Holly

Appreciate the offer, Anna, but the "tooth fairy" is alive and well and has provided sufficient funds to cover the web site for the next three years with a tad more to boot.  At present the cost is $100 per year for the website and $20 per year for the domain name for the basic subscription.  If we started using quite a bit more space we would need to upgrade to the higher level but that is not the case at this time.  The "tooth fairy" has requested anonimity (?) so we will honor that.  We have already expressed thanks on behalf of the class.  And, too, the class should know, per Karen, thanks to the generosity of our classmates we have slightly more than $700 in the kitty from the reunion.

I post condolences as quickly as I learn of the death, usually checking the Blanchard-St. Denis Funeral Home website & the Town Talk daily, in order that classmates might make arrangements to attend the visitation or funeral service if possible.  If anyone becomes aware of a death that might be of interest to some/all of our classmates please forward as much information as possible to me as soon as possible.

Some might not know it is possible to extend condolences via internet at many funeral homes, i.e.,, and the funeral home will ensure delivery to the family.

We saw a number of NHS schoolmates at the visitation for Mrs. Stroud today which no doubt was heart warmng for Nonie, Sue and Gilbert.

10/02/11 09:07 PM #291    


Wm "Bill" Richmond Holly

Hope none of you had difficulty logging onto the class site.  I slipped up and missed the renewal date on the 1st for the domain name but have now corrected that and have set us up for the domain name and the website for five years.  That saves us a few dollars.  If folks will keep their contact info updated it will be much easier to make contact for the next reunion.

10/11/11 09:38 PM #292    


Sylvia Thelma Durham (Henderson)

Bill and Polly,

Thanks for adding the condolences site.  It's good to know a little more about folks from home.  Just hope I don't see any of us any time soon.

I think it's a great idea to have another reunion in 5 years.  I need another excuse to bring me back south.  As with everyone, it's too easy to keep too busy.

Thanks for helping us all stay connected and aware of each other.

Sylvia Durham Henderson

12/03/11 03:11 PM #293    


Wm "Bill" Richmond Holly

Polly & I are in Palmdale, CA visiting our youngest son.  Had to make an emergency trip to Oregon for the funeral of her favorite uncle, 2500 miles in three days, whew!

We're seeing some of the national parks on our way home and will post a few pics when we get back.  Am having to borrow computers along the way.  :(



12/07/11 09:12 PM #294    


Wm "Bill" Richmond Holly


Sorry to hear of your brother's passing.

Bill & Polly

12/10/11 09:59 AM #295    


Wm "Bill" Richmond Holly

Gil Scarborough has been moved out of ICU, as of yesterday.  Family is still there and the doctor(s) have said "no visitors".  He, and the family, is still much in need of prayer.


I understand Janette Lofton Brooks has changed doctors and is now on the mend.

Bob Horn Manders (Class of  '61) had surgery to reopen a couple of stints but without success.  He is on waiting list for heart transplant.

12/17/11 08:50 PM #296    


Wm "Bill" Richmond Holly

Polly & I were able to attend the visitation last night and funeral today for Gilbert. One of the best funeral services we've ever attended.   Christians will understand that statement.  Their youngest son, Lonnie, gave some highlights of Gil's life, and did it without breaking. Their pastor then preached a message Gil had requested, to share Jesus Christ and the plan of salvation with all those attending. Wonderful testimony of Gil. He was buried behind the Fairview Baptist Church there on US 71 in Fairview Alpha.

We were able to visit with Gil's step brothers, Charles Dietrich, NHS Class of '61, and Marion Dietrich, St. Mary's Class of '58. We missed his brother, Cecil Scarborough, who left before we could speak.  Polly knows all of them from childhood and Gilbert was named after Polly's dad and her dad also performed the wedding for Gilbert's mom & dad.

We also did not see, tho they were either at the visitation or funeral, Roger Williams, Glen Talbert, Steve Murphy, Jim Kirkland, I think that was his signature in the book, and one or two others that I can't remember right now.

Bill Hyams and Janice Blocker were there and found out they live pretty close to each other in Ruston. We were able to visit with Bill for just a minute but stayed to eat and visited for almost an hour with Janice, good visit. Also, visited with Marilyn's brother, Larry McGee, and his wife. Can't remember her first name but she was a Carnes, was in the NHS Class of '65. Her father was pastor of Trinity Baptist for a number of years in late 50s and early 60s.

Marilyn and the three kids were holding up great, a testament to their faith, and to Gil's.  The church was packed, a testament to the love, and respect, folks had for Gil and for the family.

12/19/11 11:56 AM #297    


Wm "Bill" Richmond Holly

Polly & I just want to wish all a very Merry Christmas and we pray that each of you has a personal relationship with the Christ who's birth we celebrate at this time of year.

We have attended three funerals in the past 30 days, from Oregon to Texas to Louisiana.  One Polly's last, and favorite uncle, one a former coworker of mine and one our classmate, Gilbert.  It makes us realize, again, that at this point in our lives we may not have "manana" to do the things when we say "not today".

As the minister at Gil's funeral said, "when confronted with the Good News of Jesus Christ, we must, and will, make a decision, either to accept & follow Him or to reject Him.  There is no other choice.


12/28/11 10:34 AM #298    


Wm "Bill" Richmond Holly

Hey Folks,

Just a reminder, y'all can post to many of the areas, for example, obituaries in the "User Forums" "Condolences" section.  I post those obits of which I become aware and think may be of interest to some of the class.  There will be some I miss.  I don't mind posting them if they are sent to me but would like to see some others posting on the various pages., "Bucket Lists", "Photo Galleries", etc.

We were able to go to Beaumont last night and see my grand nephew be awarded Eagle Rank in Boy Scouts.  Very few reach that level.  He has played football for a number of years, he's not a big fellow but when he couldn't pull a ball carrier down he would at least climb on his back and ride him across the goal line.  :)


01/30/12 01:14 PM #299    

Freddie DeBlieux

I, Freddie DeBlieux, attended Joan's birthday parties, and at her home saw the first T.V.  That was some party.  I don't know if any of us had ever even heard of a television set.  That party was on Williams Ave, I believe.  Happy Birthday, Joan....70 surely came around fast!!!  I wish you the best on your show.  Love, Freddie

01/30/12 01:23 PM #300    

Freddie DeBlieux

God Bless Gilbert....That was a bad boy...and always laughing.  He did finally grow up, and I hope he kept on laughing.  Bless the family.....It is so good to read about his family.....We were his family from grade school through high school...Gilbert, was Gilbert, and he will save a place for us, and speak well of us.  God is laughing with Gilbert.

02/26/12 03:08 PM #301    


Wm "Bill" Richmond Holly

And Rosalie sez,

"Nine "girls" from our class reconnected on February 22 in Natchitoches to lunch together and see Joan Edwards' art show. In addition to Joan, those in attendance were Nonie Arthur, Janette Brooks, Glenelle Brown, Sue Champion, Karen Dodd, Rosalie Ewing, Polly Holly and Mary Welch. There was a whole lotta talkin' and vistin' over lunch. The picture was taken at the brand new "Beau Jardin" (beautiful garden) being completed adjacent to the Chamber of Commerce building. It features wonderful, winding stone steps from street level down to the river front, a waterfall and beautiful landscaping. Glenelle says it is being promoted as a destination wedding site. Be sure to see it on your next trip to Natchitoches. At the gallery, a short stroll down Front Street, Joan had interesting and poignant stories to tell about each picture and photo on display. A good time was had by all and all say "thank you, Joan, for sharing your talents and sweet memories with us!"
Rosalie, Polly sez Janette and Joan took photo(s), send me the group pic you mentioned and I'll post it or try and walk you through posting photos, any classmate can post photos in the "User Forums" and that one would go under "Photo Galleries" and "post reunion gettogethers", I think that's what it's named.  :)

03/21/12 12:11 PM #302    


Wm "Bill" Richmond Holly

Joan sent the photos, thank you Joan, and I'm working on posting them to the "Photo Galleries" "Post Reunion Gatherings" "Joan Edwards", in fact, have posted them but must go back and enlarge four of them, will try to do so today.

12/01/13 09:53 PM #303    


Raymond Thomason

Merry Christmas to all. Since nothing has been posted for so long, I'm just wondering how long it will take for anyone to notice.

12/02/13 09:39 AM #304    


Wm "Bill" Richmond Holly

About 11 hours.... :). And a Merry Christmas to you and yours.

you are right it is slow on here but I suppose that's to be expected.  I am open to suggestions and even to relinguishing the site to another classmate who might have some ideas for boosting activity tho I would personally be against games as there are other sites for such, for those into them.

i think it will pick up when we start stirring the pot for another reunion in 2015.

polly and I drove to Oregon in October to visit Chester Martin.  He is in the hospital again right now, had part of a lung removed on the 27th due to cancer.  Hopefully that will be all of it.  He and carolyn have had a rough time.

it was a fast trip, not trying to get up there, snow shut down I-80 at Cheyenne one afternoon but was open the next morning.  Polly came down with pink eye and allergies so it was a miserable trip up for her.  Did get to attend her aunt's funeral in Oregon but then had to get back to Texas for the funeral of a dear Christian friend, so that required three 500 mile driving days.  Will have to go back when we can take it easy.  We did spend one night camped in Death valley Nat'l park.  Would have liked more time there.  In the park, diesel was $5.49 and $6.00.  In southeastern Oregon and Nevada you don't skip many fuel stops not knowing where the next one is.

Well, that's us, wanting to hit the road, actually wanting to stay on the road, we are hooked on seeing new sights daily.


bill and Polly




01/24/14 11:07 AM #305    

Gail Straughan (Barbo)

is it to late for happy new year wishes to everyone?  ray and i are doing well--slowing down but we are well--we hope  everyone is in good health and will enjoy a wonderful 2014--

01/25/14 09:57 AM #306    


Wm "Bill" Richmond Holly

Hey Gail,

It is never too late for well wishes or to hear from "old" classmates, or to see postings to the class website.

Glad y'all are doing well.  We have lost a classmate or two, have some who have lost spouses, some with cancer, heart problems, hearing problems, and probably other ailments of which we are not aware.

I just checked the In Memory page and saw we have lost eight of our classmates, that we know about, since our 50 year reunion.

Polly just commented that she wants to stop by for a hello when we get down that way.



01/25/14 10:11 AM #307    


Wm "Bill" Richmond Holly

Since high school graduation 33 of our classmates have passed away.  There may be some we do not know about.  These 33 are listed on the In Memory page of our class website.

01/07/16 08:43 PM #308    


Raymond Thomason

Wake up folks you are not that old. Surely some one has something worthwhile to say.

01/08/16 09:57 AM #309    


Wm "Bill" Richmond Holly

Raymond, Polly said to be sure and invite Vera to meet with us also if she would like to do so.

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