Classmate Occupation

This page is under construction....would like to add degrees received if y'all send them to me.  If you are not listed it's because I'm not sure how to list your occupation, many are only showing retired on their profile, how about going back and listing how you actually earned a living in your profile.  :)  This site is to help us reconnect and to learn what each has been doing for these 50 years.



Elwanda Miller McCabe

Travel Agent

Jackie Brantley Glass 

Electrical Substation Construction

Karl Bailey

Sales Management

Robert Bailey

Director of Public Works City of Natchitoches

Clyde LaCaze


Ben Kirk, Ph.D.


Jim Buckley

Lehman Youngblood


Louis Roge'

Louis O'Quinn

Telephone Technician

Marvin Lester

Farm Worker

Dudley Scarborough

Computer Programmer

Selby Jean Leach Thomas

Raymond Sanders

Computer Software Designer

Bill Hyams, Ph.D.

Tax Collector

Selby Jean Leach Thomas

Administrative Assistant

Selby Jean Leach Thomas

Karen Welch Dodd


Polly St. Andre Holly

Mary Elizabeth Pitman Welch


Billy Ray Johnston

Henry Lee LaCour


Ellen Walker Stephenson, M.A.

Willie "Carol" Miley Daly, M.A.

Jackie Brantley Glass, M.A. + 30

Bill Hyams, Ph.D.

Phyllis June Rond Bridwell

Martha Scott Trinko, B.S.

Elizabeth Stroud Arthur

Sarah Jo Adams Marcus

Susan Owen Smith

Ben Pratt, B.S., M.Ed.

Joan Edwards Breedlove

Ed Hearron

Ronald Dee Canerday

Roy Gentry, Ph.D.

Herbert Graham

Elizabeth Hilton Maillet

Ben Kirk, Ph.D.

Sue Lindsley Champion

Rosalie Lott Ewing, M.A. + 30

Raymond Sanders

Charles Donald Smith, Ph.D.

Anna Swafford Bernard

Don Beasley

Connie Wyatt, B.A.

School Psychologist

Yvonne Stephens Tumminello

 Gospel Ministers

John Harry Robson, D.Min.

Jimmy McDonald


Julia Crow Biles, RN

Sylvia Durham Henderson, RN (Surgical)

Linda Lattier Mardis, RN

Licensed Practical Nurse

Elaine Philen Strickland, LPN

 Law Enforcement

Barbara Levasseur Brossette Thomas, Louisiana State Trooper

Bill Holly, Louisiana State Trooper, U.S. Border Patrol Agent, U.S. Criminal Investigator/Special Agent

Lynn Lester, Deputy Sheriff, Natchitoches Parish

Ronald Canerday, Chief of Police, Calvin, LA

 Professional Musician

James Kerry

 Computer Software Designer

Bill Hyams, Ph.D.

 Business Owner

Gail Straughan Barbo

Joe Hubert Strickland

John Gongre

Hubert Strickland

Dana Gilson Kinard

Jack Blocker

Janelle Aiken Strickland

Richard Johnson

Jimmy Wayne Gallien

Jerry Sibley

Steve Stephens, B.S.

Jimmy McDonald

Bill Hyams, Ph.D.

Appliance Repairman

Steve Stephens, B.S.

 18 Wheel Truck Driver

Joe Hubert Strickland

Ilene Waters Emfinger

Bill Holly

Ben Pratt

Fire Fighter (District Fire Chief in Shreveport)

Gilbert Scarborough

Insurance Agent

James Kearney Williams

John Gongre


Leo Griffith


John Gongre

William Paul Cummings

Sally Lee Hebert

Medical Technician

Steve Stephens, B.S.


Kayla Bernard Carruth, Ph.D.

Doris Brown Sarff


James Cobb

Career Military

Colonel Robert Gimbert, U.S. Army

Senior Chief Petty Officer Chester Martin, U.S.Marine Corps (Corporal)/U.S. Coast Guard

Chief Warrant Officer 4 Lehman Youngblood, U.S. Army

Veterans -Active Duty


Bobby Horn Manders  1959 - 1965

Roy Lee Lambert

Robert Bailey

Perry Brasell

Billy Carpenter 1963 - 1965 (Air Borne)

Paul Derbonne

Don Dutile

Billy Ray Johnston 1956 - 1961

Henry Lee Lacour 1964 - 1966

Marvin Lester (77th Special Forces & 82nd Airborne) 1958 - 1968

John "Sonny" Levasseur

Jim McDonald

Louis Roge 1960 - 1965

Charlie Scarborough

Dudley Scarborough 1961 - 1964

Gilbert Scarborough

Don Smith

Ray Watley

Preston Williams


Bobby Horn Manders  1967 - 1971

Gary Adams 1960 - 1964

Karl Bailey

John Gongre

Leo Griffith

Ken Hatcher  1964 - 196?


Joe Hubert Strickland 1962 - 1965

Jim Buckley 1960 - 1964

Robert Lee 1961 - 1965


Bill Holly 1961 - 1965

Chester Martin 1960 - 1964


Chester Martin 1966 - 1984  (Corpsman)

Veterans - Louisiana Army National Guard and Reserves

Robert "Bobby" Breedlove - Louisiana Army National Guard & Navy Reserve

Louis O'Quinn - Louisiana Army National Guard

Marvin Lester - Louisiana Army National Guard

Charles Garcia - Louisiana Army National Guard

Louis Roge' - Louisiana Army National Guard 1965 - 1967

LaVern "Steve" Stephens - Louisiana Army National Guard

James Kerry - Lousiana Army National Guard