Prayer List

On this page I will list all those classmates and their family members who request being added to the class Prayer List, with as little or as much information as they want to share.

Polly St. Andre Holly - Cancer has returned, we are in the process of learning what the next step will be.  Polly is being "loaded up" with an anti-hormone shots which after the "loading up" will be one shot per month and also is taking chemo in pill form, 3 pills once a day from now on as long as it is effective and then they will try another treatment.  After a month on the chemo she does not appear to be having any negative reaction(s).

Rosalie "LeeLee" Lott Ewing - husband, Jack Ewing, has end stage Parkinsons and is under Hospice care.

Karen Welch Dodd - has fallen and broken her arm, 6 January, she is in Natchitoches Regional Medical Center.  Karen has been moved to the Courtyard Nursing/Rehab facility on Kyser Ave, Room 225, in Natchitoches

Barbara Noland Senters shared the following wonderful news, "I recently was hospitalized for two and a half months with MARSA that attacked my heart( endocarditis) also had four strokes, bleeding ulcers, etc. the doctors didn't hold out much hope for me to survive, but here I am by the grace of God. We serve a miracle-working God and even though sometimes He has other plans for us, I know He can heal. I am a walking miracle as witness to that fact."