60 Year Reunion

28 of our classmates are known to have passed away since our 1960 NHS 50th Class Reunion.  25 passed away between 1960 and 2009.  Remember that includes some who did not actually graduate with us in 1960 but were our classmates through the years.

2020  will be 60 years since the 1960 class of Natchitoches High School ended.  Wouldn't it be great to again reunite and visit with old friends and classmates whom we knew every year or just some of the years between 1948 and 1960.  A couple of classmates have asked if we were going to have one, to which I replied only if they did it.  Well, John Harry Robson sparked a little fire with me a week or so ago suggesting we just set a date/location for a meal, dutch treat, and a couple of hours visiting around the tables.  Before and after that everyone would be on their own, not as elaborate as the 2010 event but possibly a last chance for many of us at our age to visit again.  By the way, if someone is already planning a reunion of which we are not yet aware, just let me know and we will not pursue this one, but let me know so I can make the class website available to you.

Date/Time/Location not yet set but sometime in the Spring before it gets too hot and in Natchitoches.

On this page I'm going to post the names of those who indicate they will attend unless providentially prevented.

1 - John Harry Robson & Yvette Robson

2 - Ben Kirk & Billie Kirk

3 & 4 - Bill Holly & Polly St. Andre Holly

5 - Robert Gimbert & Angela Gimbert

6 - John Gongre & Margie Luttrell Gongre

7 - Karl Bailey (Watch out John Harry, Karl aims to get satisfaction)

8 - Kayla Bernard Carruth & Harvey Carruth

9 - Robert Bailey & Martha Johnson Bailey

10 - Ginger Huson Horton & Ryan Horton

11 - Sylvia Durham Henderson

12 - Anna Swafford Bernard & Henry Bernard

13 - Glenelle Pierce Brown & Nettles Brown

14 - Janet Moreland Adcock & Sam Adcock

15 - Janice Moreland Blocker

16 - Judy Bob Roberts Easley & Eugene Easley

17 - Ray (Raymond) & Mary Thomason

18 - Barbara Nolan Senters

19 - Barbara Levasseur Brossette Thomas

20 - Elwanda Miller McCabe