OK boys & girls,

Classmates who responded to our request for input generally were concerned about the Coronavirus and in favor of erring on the side of caution by delaying our reunion.  The phrase, “elderly with underlying medical conditions” should be familiar to all by now.  I feel certain none of our classmates are under the illusion he or she is not elderly.  I’m reminded of a post that said “if someone thinks they can do at 75 that which they did at 25, they must have not been doing much at 25”.  In addition to being elderly, many of us do have underlying medical conditions such as cancer, high blood pressure, heart problem(s), diabetes,etc.  So, on all counts we are in that oldest group that sets the curve for being susceptible for serious problems from this Coronavirus up to and including death.  Therefore, after seeking input from all class members, and getting responses from some, we are canceling the NHS Class of 1960 60 Year Reunion on the 24th of April and will seek to reschedule at a later date, possibly in the Fall, after this virus is under control and is no longer a threat to our old age.

We can handle your reunion fees in several ways:

1 - we can keep them, deposit your checks into a special account, for a rescheduled reunion, tho I remember             at the time I scheduled our luncheon the owner of The Mariner told me the cost was going up but he would honor the price quoted on their website, so it might be a bit more when rescheduled.  I just checked and the cost has not been changed on their website, at this time.

2 - we can return the checks to any who would prefer it now, or 

3 - if we don’t return them now we would certainly do so for any who might not be able to attend a rescheduled reunion for any reason.

We were not required to put down a deposit to hold the date, since I gave the owner of the Mariner Restaurant my word I would personally be good for the cost should we not reach the required 60 attendees.  I still love doing business with a handshake and one’s word which is rare in today’s business climate. And several classmates sent extra money with their checks and even offered to add more if needed.  It warms one’s heart to know such people.  With this much advance notice of cancellation, six weeks, I doubt we would be asked to make a forfeiture payment but this is out of my area of expertise so I’m not sure of standard business practice for such.

I am sorry for the inconvenience this may cause some but there is just too much at stake to risk anyone being exposed to serious health problems by not postponing our reunion.

If any of your contact information, mailing address, physical address, telephone number, cell phone number changes in the meantime from what is currently on the class website, please, be sure to correct it or let me know so I can change it.

And a personal note, as I was putting this together I was thinking of a post title that would catch your attention and the words, “had it not been”…. for this deadly world wide virus we would not have to take such historic precautions as postponing our reunion.  Those words “had it not been” kept ringing in my head and I thought that is familiar, from where do I know those words, then it came to me.


Had it not been for a place called Mt. Calvary

Had it not been for the Old Rugged Cross

Had it not been for a man called Jesus

Then forever my soul would be lost.

God willing we will reschedule and get to once again visit with old friends.